At Custom Realty Group we pride ourselves on the level of customer service we provide to our landlords & tenants.


We belive that 2-way communication is the most important service we can provide


We deal with repairs, maintenance, rent collection, all compliances, insurance claims


Our Senior Property Manager has dealt with every aspect of property management


You receive direct email & phone access to your very own Property Manager


Owners portal for 24/7 access to your property information and payment history


Our management fee covers all ongoing management of your property

Choosing The Right Property Manager

This can be a daunting task so asking the right questions can help with the decision making process!

Yes, you will only have one person that will manage your investment property
We only manage a small, select portfolio meaning your property manager is always available to talk to you
Currently there are no tenants behind in rent payments, rent arrears are checked every day, at 4 days we contact the tenant to remind them, at 6 days we email & phone them, at 7 clear days we breach them for rent arrears. Owners are notified at 6 days, then if the arrears are not paid, Owners are notified and a copy of the breach notice attached to email. Communication continues and instructions sort until issue is rectified.
All maintenance unless otherwise instructed is only actioned after the owner has been consulted and instructions confirmed.
  • Online listings on 8 different websites including &
  • A professional ‘for rent’ sign in front of your property
  • Email current database of prospective tenants looking for property to rent
  • Network within the agency
  • No keys are ever given out to a prospective tenant
  • Inspections are always attended by a staff member
  • Clear the applicants on tenancy databases; i.e. T.I.C.A
  • Previous rental payment history
  • Previous rental history; how they looked after the property, any damages, pets
  • Ability to pay the rent
All costs are included in your management fee, 3-4 routine inspections are conducted per year.
All management fees are GST included, any other charges are on page 2 of the Property Management Schedule. Please Contact Us for a copy.
After an initial inspection and comparative market research, we will produce a current market analysis for your records, which will include an estimated weekly rent, along with other historic information.
With over 10 years’ experience in Property Management it’s not just about collecting the rent, it is comprehensive management service. I go above and beyond with my personalised management service to you, striving to achieve the best outcome.


Dear Jaime, We’d like to extend a big thank you for the report that you sent last week regarding the Routine Inspection of our house.
We very much appreciated the professionalism and the thoroughness with which our property is managed by the you. It is a great comfort to us.
The very comprehensive report that you have sent us, photos to support, offers us reassurance to see that our house is maintained with respect by our tenants and that no degradation in the structure of the building has been, for the time being, found.
We want you be aware of our complete satisfaction.

On a personal note, that you for all the work you have done in managing my properties. I hope the next agent is just as good to deal with as you have been (particularly after my horror of dealing with my previous property manager!) and I wish you all the best for your future.

Hi Jamie. Thank you very much. I have total faith in your professional ability. Your also fun to talk with on the phone, I have just secured a new management position here in Darwin, if I do have a window to catch up with family while in Queensland, I will track you down.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact our Property Manager directly for our applicable management fees.
Yes, due to the amount of time & effort involved with a new tenancy we charge 1 weeks rent + gst.
Yes. Feel free to call or email your property manager directly anytime.
No. Your management fee covers every aspect of your property management including statements, portal access, repairs and maintenance requests.

Our Property Management Commitment:

  • Be honest with you, always
  • Be accountable for the results of our actions
  • Communicate with you openly
  • Monthly payment paid directly & on time into your bank account
  • Prompt payment of accounts for repairs & maintenance
  • Obtain quotations at competitive rates
  • Co-ordination of repairs & maintenance
  • Strict rent arrears policy
  • 3 inspections per year with a prompt follow up to owners
  • Attendance at Small Claims Tribunal Hearings on owners behalf
  • Processing Landlord Protection Insurance
  • Managing Insurance claims
  • Free Rental Appraisals
  • Detailed monthly statements & end of financial year statement
  • Payment of BCC rates & Body Corporate levies if required
  • Commitment to professional development and client satisfaction
  • 24/7 Access to online Owners Information Portal