Tim Maxwell
Licensed Real Estate Agent
0419 399 227

Tim Maxwell started working life as a journalist, prior to business careers in sports stores, hotels, abalone licenses & tourist resorts owning his own island accommodation in Tasmania.

His ventures into property development prompted him to complete his own real estate license, selling his own properties (declaring that interest of course) as well as various others.

Tim has diversely acted as developer, vendor, agent & purchaser at various times of his property working career life. With this in mind, Tim has an all round appreciation of the integrity of property contracts to all parties.

In later years he has also obtained his Auctioneers Licence, Mortgage Broking Cert 4, as well as becoming a Financial Adviser with an RG146 qualification, which gives him an overview into property investment through superannuation funds.

Call Tim today to discuss how he can assist you with your next property transaction.